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Do you have the following?

The above is from a student that paid for the Dragon Robe change life for the better method. This is a letter he wrote to the said Temple:-

之前我们於 CC雷藏寺做了龙胞生基法。那時上师讲师说是师尊传和加持的。我们大家都很踊跃报名参加,每位都付了S$600元正。
[Shizun’s speech on 23 June at Seattle temple, states that he never transmit “Sheng ji fa” to ANY student.
The Dragon Robe “Sheng ji fa” that we participated in CC Lei Zang Temple, Shangshi and Jiang shi told us that this is transmitted by Shizun and also blessed by Shizun. Based on these statements, we participated heartily paying $600 each.
Now, after Shizun’s speech, we know we are cheated. Therefore we request that CC Lei Zang Temple remove our names from the Dragon Robe “Sheng ji fa” and give us a refund. The whole procedure must be witness by our presence. Please reply and arrange a time.  Hope to settle this matter within a month.
If no reply, we reserve our legal rights to seek solution.
Thank you for your cooperation! ]
The email below is from yet another.

Hi Lian Chu Fa Shi,

I’ve read the blog your recently posted on facebook about ‘ Long Pao

Sheng Ji Fa’. Are those all regarding to CC雷藏寺?





Sadly, Guru said never teach anyone fengshui n Sheng ji fa before in recent dharma speech. 

Sheng ji fa needs “live dragon vein”

The spot should be ever flowing with energy or light.

The robe is CUT cloth n sewn up.

All those students’ have part of their spirit or Essences in there.

This method is supposed to change one’s destiny or fate for the better if done correctly. 

Guru said if not, fate of people will become worse! 

This is my humble opinion only.

Lucky for you all, I don’t feel any energy from the glassed up box where the dragon robe is! 

U can see, so maybe u go n sit down there n feel whether there is anything or see any light or not.

Best u confirm yourself.

There are students that have problems that seek help from me.

One keeps calling said his brother wants to commit suicide.

They did this dragon robe fa.

They are twins!

I cleaned up one n help the other do dedication to karmic negatives.


U also can take a good look at XX – his eyes have green lights

His brother YY is grey greenish – ghostly

ZZ – ghostly. Other than bad signs of balding n bad complexion, have a look at what u see n tell me.

It is best you go find out the truth for yourself.

Very easy, chant guru’s mantra n ask guru to show you!

You might see more or different too.

All of us differ a little.

TT shijie told me that a shixiong told her not to go CC temple 2 years earlier than me. He saw the green light in XX’s eyes n more.

Of course for those that cultivate well, they have some protection.


Think of all the essences trap in the same space that is dead! They will interact with each other?

Best go listen to guru’s speech n also go on line to find out more.

ZZ is a good sales promoter, he does that last year at DD’s temple.

My article: dharma speech or sales pitch is about him.

I hope each student understand what guru teaches n also be clear on what they really need n not go do something that might bring suffering to themselves or make their fate even worse.

Cheers dear

Religious Scam?

  1. Root Guru states very clearly during Dharma Speech broadcasted world wide via internet on 23 June 2012 that HE HAS NEVER TRANSMIT this practice of “Sheng ji fa” to ANY student! What more with a Dragon Robe?
  2. “Shangshi and Jiangshi told us that this is transmitted by Shizun and also blessed by Shizun. Based on these statements, we participated heartily paying $600 each.”

I hope this matter is settled as soon as possible between parties amicably.

I hope too that all those that participated be given the same settlement as well, and not be left out because of their ignorance.

If this matter go through the Judiciary System any where in the world, the persons and chapters involved will not only face their Karmic related penalties but added penalties of the Sentient realm too!

Yet another unpalatable matter.

Please sit down frequently and sort out what you really need and don’t fall prey into any “get rich quick”; “get powerful fast”; ……. scams.


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