Yoga? Never Before! [3]

Terjemahan Indonesia: Yoga? Belum Pernah! [3]

This article resulted from a chat with Guru early this morning. This is not to be perceived as criticism of anyone but a clear presentation of facts. This can be a wake up call too if you are the ones that fit the storyline. 

Without Prejudice! 

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom!

Essentials to Yoga!

This one always post onto Facebook, photos of his mutilated torso!

[These are whipped or burnt marks when One invoke the black and white guards or constables of King of Hades or City Gods.]

He claimed – he has just cultivated a session and took on negatives for all of you.

Sounds familiar too!!! :)


In Tantrayana, Root Guru’s instruction is Absolute and we cultivate as taught.

Guru said to Divert all negatives through him to the Universal Void!

Obviously this Titled student did not heed Guru’s teachings!

Did anyone ask him to sacrifice himself this way? NO!

Why do it? For Greed of Adulation, to feed his Ego and associating rewards!


His attempt at solicitating financial support from me failed too!

He kept telling me that his financial backers are quarrelling and fell out and no one supporting his chapter………

He failed to understand that when Root Guru and Divinities do not support you, the spirits move in. The arguments or quarrels resulted from the above reason.

Mindfully, will I support any of his ventures or projects? Will You?

Definitely Not!!!


See how good is Mindfulness from the 8 Fold Noble Path?

The Great wisdom or Prajna of Buddhas!

I am not saying I am that wise though! Hahaha!

Did he yoga with Guru? Obviously Not!


O! he went round spreading tales that I am disrespectful towards him, a Titled one. I think he paid heavily for these when he succumbed to life threatening illness and begged for help on line too! I request for Guru to save him.

One’s Karmic deeds whether Positive or Negative, returns unto Self only!


Pure Karma
Lama Lotuschef
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