Yoga? Never Before! [2]

Terjemahan Indonesia: Yoga? Belum Pernah! [2]

This article resulted from a chat with Guru early this morning. This is not to be perceived as criticism of anyone but a clear presentation of facts. This can be a wake up call too if you are the ones that fit the storyline. 

Without Prejudice! 

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom!

Essentials to Yoga!

March 2012. Dayin Temple, Jakarta.

Guru is standing at the entrance of the temple giving empowerment transmission to the waiting crowd of fellow students. Those that sat inside the temple were gathered behind Guru and we can’t exit the premises. We were also squeezed or packed closely together.

Someone handed a collection bag around for us to deposit our gongyang/offering to Guru. After collecting from those on the ground floor, I noticed some students waving red packets in their hands, signalling they too would like to put their offering in the collection bag.

So I said to those standing behind a table, which are wearing the temple’s staff vest to pass the bag upwards to those that wanted to deposit their offering into the collection bag.

To my consternation, a master standing behind me shouted at me while grabbing for the collection bag.

He said: Are you crazy? How can you trust these people with money?

I replied: They are the staff here.

He said: How do you know they are genuine?

I replied: They are wearing the Temple’s vest for staff.

I turned and distanced myself from him and let him deal with the “money” bag.

Question: Are fellow students all low-class beings and will resort to stealing offering meant for their own Guru?


Let me share some story:-

There is this person that stole the adornments from the statue of Buddha in a temple, his reason is to get funds to seek treatment for his aged mother.

While doing so, he saw the lamps that were not lit. He went round and lighted them. Then he climbed up the tall statue of Buddha and removed the adornments.

The general consensus upon hearing this tale?

This person has break the precepts of stealing and stealing from Buddha? Even more heinous!


Now Guru’s story:-

Student came to beg him for help as his creditors going to seize his house in repayment of debts owed. That means his aged parents, his spouse and his children will be thrown onto the streets. That also means they will likely die from hunger or starvation or freeze to death first!

Despite vehement objections from those around Guru alleging that Guru should know the loan won’t be repaid, Guru extended a huge loan to this student.

This is not an isolated case as per Guru. There are other students too, asking loan from Guru and Guru always extend help to them.

See my point?

Guru said he will not leave out any one.

He will satisfy all request because when sentient beings are happy, he is happy too!

Hahaha! Guru always said that Nothing Matters to him!

It means to a Buddha, sentient materials don’t exist so how can any matter be important?

Non Attachment!

In the case above, stealing from or lying to a Buddha is Karma of Self.

However, the master’s mistrust shows Discrimination of sentient beings.

He is very like Monk in the Titles, Mindset,… series of articles, he looks down on fellow students thinking himself very high, mighty and pure!

Has this one ever Yoga with Guru or any Buddha and Bodhisattva?

From Guru’s speech, who did he mentioned has Yoga?

Not many! Including those with conferred Titles!

Titles in this context is just a tag for work to be done only, agree?

It does not signify that the one conferred with Title has cultivate to enlightenment and Yoga.

Guru said: Enlighten in Theory still need to Cultivate to Yoga!

Cheers all! :)

Hope you enjoyed these 2 articles I shared about True Yoga and some essential to Yoga.



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