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Each tub contains 108 pieces of lotuses. We added more lotuses of other pattern on top too. This is for Sakyamuni’s birthday celebrations.

We add hats and clothings too!


Amituofo Fa Shi,

I am the anonymous last time that asked Fa Shi about the offering…..been busy and I delay until now to email you about this 😉

but all these times I have been reading Fa Shi’s blog on and off especially when interesting topic pop up on my facebook… I have been doing 金紙 (Incense paper) offering myself but I am not sure whether it is working or not or whether my method is correct or not so I really need to refer to Fa Shi’s method to improve on it.

And also how to offer to the homeless spirits as well… On the other hand, I saw Fa Shi put the 塔 (pagoda / stupa) in offering bag too and may I know what is the meaning of it when offering to them? is it 尊勝塔 (Usnisa Vijaya Stupa) ?

Thank you Fa Shi, and I always hope that (I know I am greedy) if Fa Shi’s essays are in chinese will be best as there is no ????? in my mind as I use guessing in some english buddhist terms that I dont understand , haha ^o^ my poor…


(Grateful to Reverend’s articles, understand  from them and also affirmed lots of my doubts too.)

蓮花YT合十 Lotus YT, palms together

p/s I saw Fa Shi in Indonesia but didnt say hi because you definitely dont know me, but I felt very familiar…this is the weird thing of cyber world. :)


Hahaha! You can come and say hello anytime. There are students from all over who recognises me and came forward to say: Hi!

We are all students of Grand master Lu, and we are brothers and sisters in Great big family of True Buddha School.

All potential True Buddhas too! :)

What exactly are you doing now in terms of offering?

You can write to me in Chinese, I am effectively Bilingual in written and spoken Chinese and English.

尊勝塔 (Usnisa Vijaya Stupa) – These are made from incense paper printed with Usnisa Vijaya Dharani. Spirits and Deities of earth, sea, mountains,…. love them for they are supposed to cleanse or purify Karmic negatives.

Just like the lotuses we make with the same incense paper.

I even custom print them in paper of 5 colors and on both sides of each sheet too. These are good for making Stupa.

The 5 colors can be the 5 elements of earth; water; fire; wind; void; ( 地,水, 火, 风, 空,) or 5 achievements of Purify 息; Increase 增 ; Compassion 怀; Suppress/Control 诛; Treasures 宝.

Hahaha! See fire puja pictures? We offer lots of lotuses to City Gods; Earth Gods and Homeless Spirits every session.

If you are staying in Singapore, you can fold them and offer too. We need plenty of help folding them.

Cheers all.


Pure Karma

Lama Lotuschef

True Buddha School


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