Refuge for Earth Deities & Spirits

From Sn:- Thanks Fashi.. Aiya why it never come across my mind of helping them take refuge in GM?  Haha.. Really feel happy for them being able to take refuge in GM  These are the address : xxxxxxxxxxx Can let me know the cost so that I can pass it to you on this Saturday’s […]

Titles – Comments

Hi Fashi Ha7..”talk about people and people will talk about you” That sentence above is funny. Cant stop smiling, he/she got no idea at all about the article and also Fashi’s intend. Just read one article doesnt mean we know.everything. Yeah, it’s okay lah for the feedback. I think that article is good esp for […]

Mobile Cemetery

Posted by 禪風 on Facebook Translated to English by Lama Lotuschef 還沒吃素的師兄姐請聽我說 Fellow students that have yet to go on vegetarian diet, please listen to me 你覺得殯儀館恐怖嗎  You find funeral parlors scary? 夜晚沒開燈,陰深深的….風一吹又覺得冷 No lights in the night, deeply chilling … feels cold when the wind blows 很恐怖吧,對吧!! Very scary, right!!! 你覺得亂葬崗可怕嗎 Do you feel […]


Posted by 禪風 on Facebook 還沒吃素的師兄姐請聽我說 你覺得殯儀館恐怖嗎 夜晚沒開燈,陰深深的….風一吹又覺得冷 很恐怖吧,對吧!! 你覺得亂葬崗可怕嗎 夜黑風高,又有狗哀嚎….樹一搖鬼影重重 超可怕的,是吧!! 我想大家膽子都很大,一定不覺得哪有甚麼 呃….是不是寫反了 其實,我沒有寫反 真的!!!! 這些都不是世上最可怕的地方 其實世上最可怕最恐怖的地方 就是你!!! 為什麼呢? 因為你是一座移動墳場啊 想想看!多少雞,鴨,魚,牛,羊,豬,蝦,蟹,等眾生 都埋在你的肚子裡 大地埋葬屍體都會立一個碑 你瞧瞧你身上立了多少墓碑 而且一個墓穴只埋一個 你卻埋了千千萬萬的屍體 你不覺得可怕嗎,所以叫移動墳場不為過吧 搞了半天 原來自己就是一座靈骨塔 不是嚇你的,可也別被自己嚇到…..移動墳場!!! 建议: 释莲厨法师:-  哈哈哈!听了可怕??? 但要记得进食前做超度。 把动物, 昆虫,细菌等灵送走。 那么,你就不是移動墳場了! 阿弥陀佛

Residences remain unsold

Hi Fashi, Was just thinking of writing to you before I receive your this email. I have been marketing these 2 penthouse units for the last 3-4 months.  Had also been offering to earth god, but the units are still remain unsold.  Not even a single offer coming in for the units. The owners are […]

Titles – Q & A

莲花净译 May 30, 2012 at 9:59 pm 还在说同一个弘法人员啊。我敬爱的法师,说人者,人亦说之啊。我真的非常希望,也殷勤的期盼,等待着您能有真正"放下"的那一天啊!(衷心希望您能在此能够突破,更上一层楼啊)。在这里,语言或文字如有冒犯的地方,请法师您多多包涵,多多恕罪啊!莲花净译合十。 [Lotus jingzhe: Still talking about the same Dharma propagator. My respected venerable, talk about people, people will talk about you. I truly wish and sincerely  hope for the day you will truly ‘let go’ ! (wholeheartedly wish that you can break through and move up another level). If […]

Dharma is a true medicine.

Email Conversation:- N: You know fashi, I can feel I start to be able to let go of many things. I no longer put pressure upon things that I want. And I’m not afraid to give my belongings to others in need. I believe guru knows what’s best for me (and for us) at the […]