Against the Law of Nature – Lawyers

These are my observations while helping those that seek help from our counselling  group; comprising medical personnel and Dharma Propagators.

1.  D is a womaniser and also dealing in copies of branded goods. When his wife discovered his illegal activities, she pleaded with him to give up and come clean with the Law. He deserted his family and initialised nasty legal action threatening his wife and children.

He employed top lawyers in town and manipulated assets ownership documents claiming he is destitute to get out of paying living support for his family.

His lawyers also scolded and frightened the wife while he brought a large group of people back home including locksmith to force entry into the family home, so as to take possession of the fake branded goods he left behind.

Well, the Law was somehow convinced by all the lies his lawyers fabricated and he seems to have bluff his way through and got all the family’s reserves for himself.

His Hatred/Anger is truly great and it is actually fear of unknown penalties that often make people so wrathful that they hit our violently as a self-protection channel.

:) SELF!!!

The lawyers that knowingly help him lie and cheat and frighten his family also heavily into SELF!!!

Hahaha! People who use lies to cheat and violence to put fear into others, will eventually have to pay heavy Karmic debts in this or subsequent lifetimes!

Guru is right in teaching us not to do anything but just stand firm and let them hit at us all they so desire.

**A student told me that in her dream, she lied and cheated the people of a whole village. This is Karma of Speech but in order to Speak, One also have Thoughts!

So Karma which is that of  Mind, Speech and Body; all activated!!!

She is now in a very bad state as my attempts to help her failed. Karmic negatives are too high and very difficult to get through to her that she is not effectively saying sorry and making relevant amends.

She is easily ignited into putting her Thoughts into lethal actions, verbally or in writing, creating yet more negatives!


2. J’s husband deserted his family without prior notice. He just walked out leaving his youngest to come home to face an empty house and the power supply cut off.

Again claiming to be destitute, he got lawyers too to hit at his family in court.

Our group helped the wife write up the relevant documents and I accompanied her to court as she is extremely scared.

[I was also scare of the unknown initially, but at least I had some prior experience with other cases by then.]

Reading the documents submitted by the husband’s lawyers, we found that they are incoherent just like D’s lawyers.

Churning out any negatives that in their experiences in court will work against the opponent.

This is one such fabrication:-

D:- My wife oiled the whole floor of the bedroom and then she hit me over the head  in the attached bathroom. I struggled with her and in the end managed to escaped. I found the floors all oiled and I believe this is to prevent me from escaping. I escaped to the next room and locked myself in until morning and then went to seek medical opinion. The doctor advised me to make a police report.]


A. If the whole bedroom floor is oiled, how did the husband gets into the bathroom in the first place?  He is not being Trurhful!!!

B. Same scenario, did the wife flies over the oiled floor to get into the bathroom to fight with him? Again, He is not being Trurhful!!!

c. Is he able to fly over the oiled floor to escape to another room?

d. Managing to “escape”, he don’t seem to have any urgency in completely removing himself from “life threatening danger”, correct?

e. I wonder what the police is thinking when D made the report regarding the violence?

f. Didn’t they have any thoughts of the wife being hurt or injured and can’t get medical aid or even like D who leisurely seek help the next morning after a good night rest?

g. Has it occurred to them to also check for the wife’s well-being?


3. J’s husband brought a woman home and had fun in their bedroom.

She found them naked in bed and tissue papers strewn all over. He claims in court that the weather is too hot and they are just resting.

Well, he is very creative too!

He claims on a certain date and time that the wife met him at a bus stop near their home and hit him very hard on his head.

Lucky for the wife, she was queueing at Postal office about 20 minutes from the bus stop and she has a receipt printed showing what time she was finally attended to.

It is not possible for the wife to argue with him and hit him and them be present at the postal office at the same time!

Another liar!

Why am I analysing the above?

I wish to share the use of Buddhist philosophy with all, especially the 4 Noble Truths and the 8 Fold Paths.

I have enjoyed this sharing very much.

Sincerely hope readers pick up something and also aware that there are such unscrupulous beings around and still constantly hurting those poor helpless wives and children.

If you come across anyone with similar problems, please try to link them to some organisation that can help them.

As for those that created much negatives, we can only wait for them to settle their karmic debts and affinity to surface to succour them.


Pure Karma

Lama Lotuschef

True Buddha School





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