Mimpi – Berubah Menjadi Sinar

Ditulis oleh Lotuschef – 29 April 2012 Diterjemahkan oleh Lotus Nino Sumber: Dream – Light Transformation   Di dalam mimpi ini… Ada yang memegang saya dari belakang. Ia mengunci kedua tangan saya ke samping tubuh saya dan menekan hingga sangat menyesakkan dan mencekik rasanya. Untuk melawan rasa tak nyaman ini saya maju keluar untuk melepaskan […]

Dream – Light Transformation

Terjemahan Indonesia: Mimpi – Berubah Menjadi Sinar   In this dream…. Some one grabbed me from behind, locking both my arms to my sides and the constricting pressure is extremely suffocating. To counter these discomfort, I tried to expand outwards to unlock the force constricting me. The discomfort increased. I then transformed into light and slid out […]

Weapons – Dorje & Ghanta

Terjemahan Indonesia : Senjata-Senjata – Dorje & Ghanta   A master said that she was reminded one night by some spirits to bring the Dorje & Ghanta on her trip to cruise a lake . She brought along these weapons and used them to cleanse; bless and deliver the sea spirits. A week later, all the […]

Affinity – Disciple from a Previous Lifetime

Terjemahan Indonesia : Jodoh – Murid Dari Suatu Kehidupan Lampau   Student HL: I dream of Fashi frequently. Fashi taught me how to use the Dorje/Vajra Septre to help people. Sometimes I find that I have no power and there are too many needing help, I refer them to Guru. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What did I taught […]

Snoring & Cultivation

Fashi ni hau, I want to ask one thing: Shizun says VM XX or ZZ snore during sleep, I know from my experience that if a person has practised to meditate in a long time, his breathing will be more and more subtle, including during sleep. Even between sleep and meditation seems to be one. […]

Sakyamuni Birthday

These are courtesy of Lotus BK. Enjoy….. Cheers all. Come join us next Saturday, 5 may 2012, which is Vesak Day. Details please refer to Notice or Registration pages. Amituofo Pure Karma Lama Lotuschef True Buddha School  

Sakyamuni Birthday Fire Puja

It was a great session and truly auspicious as well. These are some highlights, please refer to Flickr window in this blog to view more. These are courtesy of Lotus Helen… The Lotus is my hands look like glowing in golden light? Cheers all More Coming up …..   Amituofo Pure Karma Lama Lotuschef True […]