Kejadian-Kejadian Astral – Penyembuhan 2

Diterjemahkan oleh : Lotus Junhao Artikel asli ditulis oleh Lama LotusChef pada tanggal 22 Februari 2012 Pranala ke artikel asli : Astral Occurrences – Healing 2   Setelah Perayaan Festival Ziarah Makam Leluhur (Qing Ming – Cheng Beng), terdapat gunungan-gunungan piring untuk dicuci. Bubuk deterjen dengan kandungan keras yang mereka gunakan di vihara menggigit saya […]

Karma Ripens

Terjemahan Indonesia : Karma Telah Matang   [from Email: 26-3-2012 4:52pm] Hi Fashi, I m T. this few days the symptoms seems to come back again. i did my daily practice and burn the lotus flower. the symptoms seems on n off. when i go to doctor they can’t help as well.. I m at […]

Layperson Measures Buddha – Flash lights

I talked about this topic previously. A vajra master said that camera flashes hurt Guru’s eyes and extremely painful. He said that flash-light photography should not be use in Guru’s presence. A student in Seattle reprimanded some foreign students for taking pictures of Guru, claiming that they infringe on Guru’s proprietary rights and demanded that […]

Kalachakra Event – 25-3-2012

These photos are courtesy of Lotus Raymond. These have plenty of light orbs. Enjoy!   Did you missed this event? Watch out for the next one that Guru is hosting then. Amituofo Pure Karma Lama Lotuschef True Buddha School

Kalachakra Event – 25-3-2012

These are photos courtesy of Lotus Raymond. More Coming up ………… Amituofo Pure Karma Lama Lotuschef True Buddha School  

Root Guru – Empowerment Transferred?

Terjemahan Indonesia : Guru Akar – Apakah mendapatkan pemberkatan-Nya? This is 26th March 2012. Guru giving empowerment transfer at Da Yin Chapter in Jakarta, Indonesia. The empowerment transmissions are as follows:- Holy Mother of the Heavenly Realm 天上圣母 Yamaraja 阎魔天 Garuda 迦楼罗尊者 Guru started the empowerment from the top floor downwards, using rice and salt […]

Root Guru – Absolute Trust & Faith?

Terjemahan Indonesia : Guru Akar – Iman & Kepercayaan yang Absolut?   On the 25th March 2012, these are some incidents I observed. Lotus IL went to ask coordinator of the event for seats within the hall because she has many aged students in her group. She was told that all seats are allocated and […]