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Guru Rinpoche perceived that the practice ofVishuddha Heruka brings great accomplishment. But that practice is liketraveling trader who meets with many hindrances, whereas Kilaya is like anindispensable escort. Due to this coincidence Guru Rinpoche he composed manysadhanas combining the two herukas. At this place he also bound under oath thesixteen mundane protectors of Vajra Kilaya.
Padmakara visited other ancient kingdoms where he taught the Dharma: Hurmudzuin the vicinity of Uddiyana, Sikojhara, Dharmakosha, Rugma, Tirahuti, Kamarupa,and Kancha, as well as many others. It is not sure when he went to the land ofDroding, but the tantric teachings he gave there on Hevajra, GuhyachandraBindu, Vishuddha, Hayagriva, Kilaya and Mamo are still continued this presentday.
Padmakara is generally regarded to have lived in India for 3600 yearsbenefiting the teachings and sentient beings. But it seems that learned peopleaccept that to be half-years and simply a generalization.
In order to convert people in Mongolia and China Padmakara emanated in the formof the King Ngonshe Chen and the yogi Tobden. Moreover, he appeared in thecountry of Shangshung as the miraculously born child Tavi Hricha who gave theinstructions on the hearing lineage of Dzogchen and led many worthy disciplesto the attainment of the rainbow body.
In this way Padmakara’s activity for bringing people to the path of liberationby means of appearing in various places, in various forms, speaking variouslanguages is indeed beyond measure.
Now I will describe how Padmakara came here to the land of Tibet. When KingTrisong Deutsen, himself an emanation of Manjushri, was twenty years of age heformed a strong aspiration to spread the sacred teachings of the Dharma. Heinvited KhenpoBodhisattva from India who taught about dependent origination and theten virtuous actions. A year later the foundation was laid for a huge templebut the spirits of Tibet created obstacles and prevented the building. Inaccordance with the Khenpo’s prediction, the king sent five runners to invitethe great master Padmakara to come. Having foreknowledge of this, Padmakara hadalready gone to Mang-Yul between Nepal and Tibet. On the way to Central Tibet,he went via Ngari, Tsang and Dokham and miraculously visited all of thedistricts where he bound under oath the 12 Tenma Goddesses, the 13 Gurlha and21 Genyen as well as many other powerful spirits.
Atthe Tamarisk Forest at Red Rock he met the king of Tibet where he proceeded tothe top of Hepori to bring the gods and demons under his command. He laid thefoundation for Samye and saw it through to completion, employing also the godsand demons who had earlier hindered the building. In five years the work wascompleted for the temple complex of Glorious Samye, the Unchanging andSpontaneously Accomplished Temple, including the three temples of the queens,which was built to resemble Mount Sumeru surrounded by the four continents,eight subcontinents, sun and moon, and the wall of iron mountains. During theconsecration ceremony five wondrous signs occurred.
Theking then wished to translate the scriptures and establish the Dharma so he hadmany intelligent Tibetan boys study to become translators. Inviting othermasters of the Tripitaka fromIndia, he had the Khenpo ordain the first seven monks and gradually establishan ordained sangha. The Khenpo BodhisattvaandPadmakara and the other panditas together withVairotsana, KawaPaltsek and Chog-ro Lui Gyaltsen and the other translators then rendered intoTibetan all the existent Buddhist scriptures on Sutra and Tantra as well asmost of the treatises explaining them.
Vairotsana and NamkhaiNyingpo were sent to India where VairotsanastudiedDzogchen with ShriSingha while Namkhai Nyingpo received the teachings on VishuddhaHeruka from the great master Hungkara. They bothattained accomplishment and spread the teachings in Tibet.

King Trisong Deutsen then requested empowerment and instruction from Padmakara.At Chimphu, the hermitage above Samye, the great master disclosed the mandalaof Eight Heruka Sadhanas intowhich he initiated nine chief disciples including the king. Each of them wereentrusted with a specific transmission and all nine attained siddhi throughpracticing the respective teaching.
Padmakaragave numberless other profound and extraordinary teachings connected with thethree inner tantras to many destined students headed by the king and his sonsand the twenty-fivedisciples in Lhodrak, Tidro and many other places.
Guru Rinpoche remained in Tibet for 55 years and six months; 48 years while theking was alive and seven years and six months afterwards. He arrived when theking was 21 (810 A.D.). The king passed away at the age of 69. Padmakara stayedfor a few years after that before leaving for the land of the rakshas.
Padmakara visited in person the 20 snow mountains of Ngari, the 21 places ofpractice in Central Tibet and Tsang, the 25 sacred places of Dokham, the threehidden valleys, and numerous other places each of which he blessed to be asacred place of practice. 

Knowing that a descendant of the king would later tryto destroy Buddhism in Tibet, he gave many predictions for the future.Conferring with the king and the close disciples, Padmakara concealed countlessterma teachings headed by the eight personal treasures of the king, the fivegreat mind treasures, and the 25 profound treasures. 
The reasons for hidingthese termas were to prevent the teachings of Secret Mantra to be destroyed, toavoid that the Vajrayana is corrupted or modified by intellectuals, to preservethe blessings and to benefit future disciples. 
For each of these hiddentreasures Padmakara predicted the time of the disclosure, the person who wouldreveal them, and the destined recipients who would hold the teachings. 
Hemanifested in the terrifying wrathful form of crazy wisdom in the thirteenplaces named Tiger’s Nest binding all the mundane spirits under oath to servethe Dharma and entrusted them to guard the terma treasures. At that time he wasnamed Dorje Drollo.

To inspire faith in future generations, he left an imprint of his body atBumtang, hand prints at Namtso Chugmo and footprints at Paro Drakar as well asin innumerable other places of practice.

After the death of King Trisong Deutsen, Padmakara placed Mutig Tsenpo on thethrone. He performed a drubchen at Tramdruk where he entrusted the profoundteachings to Gyalsey Lhaje, the second prince, and gave him the prophesy thathe would benefit beings by becoming a revealer of the hidden treasures inthirteen future lives.
It is impossible to count exactlyhow many students in Tibet received empowerment from Padmakara in person, butthe most renowned are the original twenty-five disciples,the intermediate 25 disciples and the later 17 and 21 disciples. There were 80of his students who attained rainbow body at Yerpa and also the 108 meditatorsat Chuwori, the 30 tantrikas at Yangdzong, the 55 realized ones at Sheldrag. Offemale disciples there were the 25 dakini students and seven yoginis. Many ofthese close had blood lines that have continued until the present day.
When about to leave for the land of rakshas to the southwest, the king, theministers and all the disciples tried to dissuade Padmakara from parting but tono avail. He gave each of them extensive advice and teachings and departed fromthe pass of Gungtang, riding on a horse or a lion, accompanied by numerousdivine beings making offerings. At the summit of the Glorious Copper-coloredMountain on the Chamara continent he liberated Raksha Totreng, the king of therakshas, and assumed his form. After that, he miraculously created the palaceof Lotus Light endowed with inconceivable decorations and also emanated areplica of himself on each of the surrounding eight islands where they resideas kings who teach the eight heruka sadhanas.
At present he dwells on the vidyadhara level of spontaneous presence in theform of the regent of Vajradhara, unshakable for as long as samsara remains.Full of compassion he sends out emanations to benefit beings. Even after theteachings of the Vinaya have perished he will appear among the tantricpractitioners. There will be many destined disciples who attain rainbow body.In the future, when Buddha Maitreya appears in this world, Padmakara willemanate as Drowa Kundul and spread the teachings of Secret Mantra to all worthypeople.

This short biography is just a partial narration which conforms to what wasperceived by some ordinary students.
Translated by the Erik Pema Kunsang, and includedin DakiniTeachings, © Rangjung Yeshe Publications, 1990.

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