Cultivating Correctly? – External Signs

Cultivating Correctly? – External Signs
Dear all, this article is not aimed at anyone or to embarrass anyone.
It is without prejudice.
So please read it with an open mind and glean pointers that might help you be more discerning of theTruth.

Before I begin, please draw GM into your vision first.
Then filter those that are giving you advice or cultivation techniques one by one against GM as the Constant or Original.

F has taken refuge for 20+ years and many placed him high up on a pedestal; alleging he cultivated very well.

He has a face full of “potholes” and sever hairloss, balding him fast. He is also boastful and brags about his “powers” to susceptible ears.
In his early 40’s, he has already lost most of the hair on his scalp. He is wearing a wig for cosmetic purpose.

Now match these to GM, one by one.

Do you all agree with me that F is all bluff?

Let talk about Hairs.

GM’s cut ones can grow! They don’t need nourishment from his scalp. 
They are Hair relics or Hair Sarira.

F can’t nourish his hair resulting in rapid balding.

GM looks youthful and full of vitality. 
F looks old with bad facial complexion and I noticed he is often greenish-grey in color too. 
He looks like a ghostly form.

GM is humble and never said he is powerful and can use these powers to do this and that ….

Who is the True Yogi!

Who is cultivating Correctly?

Please do not idolize anyone and follows their “advices” blindly.

Be discerning.
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Pure Karma

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