Greed – Blocked up seats

There were 2 students that blocked up seats early morning before each event. They then released these seats at a price to students who wanted to sit within the Main Hall.

There is yet another student, X, that does that also. She even “reserved” rows of seats for certain grades of Dharma Propagators that are friendly with her or obeys her. She also has a price for seats for fellow students wanting to sit inside the Main Hall during events. She is a certified Dharma Propagator.

Well, the 2 students were caught by administrators of the temple and punished by kneeling and repenting until a whole incense stick is burnt. Some takes an hour or even longer. This punishment lasted about a month.

As to X, she is the one that claims a bed in the temple’s dormitory as hers and  banned from staying at the temple already, because of her bullying ways.

Most students that attend events nowadays are only allowed to sit inside the Main Hall from a certain time and if they blocked seats for friends, those friends must be present by a certain time too.

I was truly shocked to hear of such acts by greedy students and Dharma Propagators.

To carry out these types of activities within GM’s Sight? Hahaha!

A Buddha is everywhere, and you can’t hide your “crimes”from a Buddha!

However, I noticed that X still “reserved” seats all around her recently!

A leopard can’t change its spots!

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