Lotus Chef – The Cook

Lotus Chef – The Cook I saw a Korean serial – they can make kimchi with many different ingredients. So I created chrysanthemum basmati rice. Using freshly boiled chrysanthemum tea to steam rice. Try it. The fragrance of basmati with good quality chrysanthemum flavor! Just eating this rice plain is enjoyment itself! Cheers, lotuschef. I […]

Fire Puja – What are we offering?

These are some of the herbs and goodies that we offer at each session, on top of the standard items like incense; flowers; lamps; tea; fruits; black & white sesame; 5 coloured beans; rice; wheat; biscuits; noodles;…. We have herbs for diabetes; cough; cooling system ……too. We just spent >SGD600 yesterday on some of the […]

Fire Puja 25-2-2012

These photos of 25-2-2012 Fire Puja are courtesy of Lotus Helen. More available from her Facebook album — Helencheong In the following photos, do I look as if I am floating in the air? Hahaha! In this one, note that Lotus Sally seems to have parts that are invisible!!! Amituofo Pure Karma Lama Lotuschef True […]

Layanan Pembacaan Aura

  Teman-teman sekalian yang terkasih,   Saya membutuhkan sponsor untuk liotin Satya Buddha yang akan diberikan sebagai suvenir pada Upacara Kalachakra bulan Maret 2012 mendatang di Indonesia. Untuk itu saya akan melakukan Pembacaan Aura untuk 10 orang dengan tarif SGD 150 / orang. Tarif ini 50% lebih murah daripada tarif konsultasi biasanya. Tapi hal ini […]

Astral Occurrences – Healing 7

Terjemahan Indonesia : Kejadian-Kejadian Astral – Penyembuhan 7   Astral Occurrences – Healing 7 There is this bossy old lady, L, in the monastery’s kitchen who has been volunteering her services for about 10 years. She took charge of lots of volunteers who just don’t care about giving orders but just want to offer their […]

Astral Occurrences – Projections 7

Astral Occurrences – Projections 7 This happened in early October 2008, about 2 months after my refuge with True Buddha School. I went to the monastery in the early morning for my voluntary services in ingredients preparation. We finished around about 10:30am. Lunch is 11.30am. So I went to the hall with the 3 Buddhas. […]

The Human Elements – Q & A

From Facebook:- Xiaotian Zhu- He has a wrong mindset about being a monk Fashi? Or he show his original character unconsciously? Francesca Poon- Hahaha! Look at his right side above the eye! Francesca Poon- The main topic is about 悟 enlightenment. The character is written with a heart. I also hint that our eyes are […]