Not True Yogi

This might sound bizarre but whatever.  Believe or not, up to you!

Readers might recall I wrote about someone, H, with bent fingers and a hunch back. The fingers somehow formed Claws and the whole posture is real bent, compromising the energy flow of the Central Channel for Inner cultivation.

Another fellow student, Q shared this with me yesterday.
Surprisingly, H came up in course of conversation.

Q saw little people standing on and around H’s fingers, packing fully all around his fingers and resulting in H not being able to straighten his fingers and lost of flexibility.

If you watch GM’s events Live online, noticed GM’s flexibility in forming hand mudras?

Be discerning please!

Don’t look at external form only. Study those that you wish to learn from carefully.

For TBS’ students, my humble suggestion is to look only at GM for guidance and studiously cultivate.

Read GM’s [Sword of the Yogi]?
This book is worth reading repeatedly to remind one to avoid following those that seems to be in High Position but have gone crooked.

Happy Cultivating!

Amituofo / Lotuschef / Pure Karma / True Buddha School

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