Empowerment Transfer

31-12-2011 Empowerment Transfer

This topic is a much elaborated one by our Root Guru.

Why do we need Empowerment Transfer from Our Root Guru?
How? And what are the benefits?

In Tantrayana, Empowerment Transfer is a direct one from Root Guru to each individual.

Verbally, in Writing, Physical demonstration, Transcendentally when we are cultivating or in dreams….

I wrote a report of our activities and the ones we are planning to do.

One of the items was Vajra Boxing.
This item will be a combination of Tai-ji Boxing and Shorinji Kempo.

It was unexpected to receive a reply that Vajra Boxing needs to request for Empowerment Transfer Personally from GM, which means GM’s physical presence.

I have watch and followed GM every evening when he practices Vajra Boxing after dinner in Seattle.

Many of us were physically present when GM does Vajra Boxing at various functions worldwide after meals.

If you can “see”, GM empowered us with much Light Energy Blessing during these occasions through Vajra Boxing Demonstration.


Is this not considered as Root Guru’s Personal Empowerment Transfer of Vajra Boxing?

Seems the “sentient” mindset somehow crept into and sunk roots into Buddhist philosophy; and True Buddha School is not spared this Invasion!

Watching Live broadcast of events conducted by GM worldwide, we can feel the energy transfers. 

The display monitors have Transcendental Powers?

Reading GM’s books we also can feel warmth and some “electric” waves spread from crown to all parts of our bodies.

The Books have Transcendental Powers?

No! not the monitors or books but Our Root Guru, Living Buddha Liansheng!

For those that can feel the energy warming first your crowns and then slowly descend to warm your whole body, Please raise your hands and feet!!!

Do remember to make a date with GM every Saturday or whenever he conducts any event.

PS: I am not advocating that we ignore Rules & Regulations and the Precepts.
 I would like us all to use GM’s teachings to analyse and decide what we can do and can’t. 

As Buddha teaches: Balancing Compassion with Wisdom for the good of all.

also wondered why when GM said we in Tantrayana use the toga ( a long strip of cloth use to drape over  our shoulders and wrap around our upper torso), the members of central committee went to maul over this at a special meeting and ruled that with immediate effect, discontinue the use of the toga and use the brown ceremonial drape that those non-tantrayana employed. 

Calling a meeting to decide and rule against Root Guru’s Words? 
In my humble opinion, this should not occur in Tantrayana where Root Guru is absolute Teacher, we can’t cast doubts on his teachings or his ways.

I have mentioned that chanting mantra, we also have to follow Root Guru’s pronunciation to receive the relevant lineage empowerment transfer/blessings.

Do you place Root Guru in the Right Place? 

Amituofo/ Lotuschef / Pure Karma / True Buddha School

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