Itinerary for 31-12-2011 Fire Puja

Hi all

We will be doing this event with Padmakumara and Marici as fire puja’s principals.

The Lamp lighting is for all to have & share Brightness and Warmth (Loving Kindness) with all Sentient Beings.
Those not able to attend also can register to light lamps for token sum to share these goodness charitably with all.

Marici, as per GM, can protect & shield us from lots of calamities not only Zodiac Conflicts.

We will also chant Marici’s sutra after the Puja proper.

As usual, a sumptuous spread of good food awaits after the puja.

Come join us and have fun!

Amituofo / Lotuschef / Pure Karma / True Buddha School

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