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24-11-2011 Need Fashi help

Faith JunHao in my humble opinion, forgetabout the spiritual response!  the more u chase the farther it is. Justchant and dedicate it to all sentient beings.
Even if you get spiritual response,what is the benefit???
For the insomnia, eat banana, it is good for depression +don’t think anything when you are in bed, else you will only stay awake for thewhole night..just slowly read the blog and again listen closely to GM
Xiaotian Zhu i think he should share moreinformations: how old he is, family background, environment background,problems with girlfriends?, what he meanby ‘spiritual response’, any emotional trauma in past, his mindset, why heconnected insomnia with Kaowangcing, he want to cure his insomnia byKaowangcing? has he gone to doctor, etc
Francesca Poon I don’t know why this several days i can’t sleep” = not a longterm problem. His major problem isEXPECTATION OF SPIRITUAL RESPONSE FROM CHANTING GAO WANG JING

Belinda Tan I dont understand why he needsspiritual response!!! Why is he bothered about whether GM knows there is”he” this student??? He obviously lacks GM trust. Althou he don’t seeGM or dreams about GM, but I am sure GMis with him all the while. He needsto hv confidence in GM

Funglie Huang Chanted 7 thousand times Gao WangJing and you wanted to quit now, bro/sis Lian Hua Y? Well, in my opinion that’sa little bit pity… as it is not aneasy task to do sustainably, for me especially. You should be proud of yourself,one thing for sure you already establisha deep bond with Guan Yin Bodhisattva.
Why there is no spiritual response? I don’t know theanswer precisely, maybe Fashi could give you a better instructions.. You have to stop giving yourself suchpressure, this is something not according GM taught.. I remember GM toldstory that Bodhisattva Asanga spent 12 years to having spiritual connectionwith his Yidam : Maitreya.. You see, even a master had this sort experiencetoo. GM taught us in the process ofcultivation to sleep well, eat well, work or study as usual according ourduty.. maybe you could relax a little bit, somehow arrange yourself living anormal life. Remember we can not attain anything if our body itselfdisintegrate.. don’t you agree? Amitofo…

Francesca Poon Dear Funglie, Thanks for thevote of confidence that I might be able to answer — “Why there is nospiritual response?” hahaha…
Dear all, read his email properlyagain.

Lian Hua Johnnie An important point to bear in mind if one break precepts andOne’s behaviour is Not virtuous and holy cultivation results will be negativelyaffected.

Helen Cheong In the first place you did awonderful thing is that you ask GM for help yourself that is a true fact as TBstudent. Maybe cultivation or visualization is wrong. Sometime simple thinglike offering maybe good if you do not know visualization. Hope this simpletips is good for you. Stay there as a TB student and do not anyhow go to other”medium” which results usually worsen. Amitoufo
Lian Hua Johnnie Some pointers which may help, youhave to self check 
Focus, yourchanting and Visualisation has to be focus and concentrated otherwise theresults will be minimal,it becomes loose chanting.
Visualisation stops wanderingthoughts.

If you are focus should feel effectsof warm, lights and or tingering feelings.
This verifies diety has descended, better if you getwater drops which indicates Kuan Yin is present.
May aslo be yourkarma or karmic creditors that’s affecting results

Amituofo / Lotuschef / Pure Karma / True Buddha School

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