Crossed Vajra/Dorje 十字金刚杵

Skt., vajra: Lord of Stones Tib., rDo-rje: Diamond Scepter 1. In Hindu symbology, the vajra is an emblem and/or magical weapon thought to produce the lightning flash controlled by the god Indra. It is said to be of indestructible power and has often been compared to the thunderbolt of other Indo-European male deities such as […]

达到平衡Achieve Balance

Someone jerked my memory backwards to a time when I met ZY in 1st quarter of 2009 before I took ordination in September that year. This person told me that he dropped all his business deals & threw himself stoically into cultivation when he 1st took refuge. Eventually affect his financial status drastically. Well! I […]

勤奋修行-还是不顺 Despite cultivating studiously, still not smooth

Dear all, do you fall into the same category??? expectation of our path smoothening upon cultivation – you are motivated by rewards Drop the spiritual response & etc & just cultivate for all sentient beings When you dedicate all merits to all sentient beings without differentiation then your path will really smoothen. Else come chop […]

Fire Puja held on 29-5-2011

The skies were overcast & dark clouds spread profusely up above. We started at about 6.40pm & some students said it might rain, maybe we shift into shelter. Well, GM has kindly moved off the rain clouds & a windy breeze cool us throughout. We had a wonderful time of course! GM & all Divinities […]

百字明咒马拉松100-syllable mantra Marathon

We started at about 2.30pm & completed 3 X 108 times of the Mantra at about 5.30pm. We all had a great experience & felt utterly great after that. There we many invisible ones that join us & we can hear lovely instruments & voices accompanying our chanting. These happened when we were cultivating 4-Preliminaries […]

Our Guru, The Greatest Dharma King, Living Buddha LianSheng

Once again, GM neutralized the Kiosk caused by last week’s announcement that some people wanted GM to retire because THEY CLAIMED THAT THEIR CHAPTER’S INCOME IS DRASTICALLY AFFECTED BY GM DOING EVENT EVERY SATURDAY AT CAOTUN TEMPLE. Actually, within the last Dharma speech, if we all listen with a calm, clear & cool mind, we […]

Dream – Lotuses [2] 梦 – 莲花

Please refer to 15 May 2011 post in this blogspot. I spotted the whitish stuff around M’s neck yesterday. I told LC to get M to come so we see what we do to help her. After she left on the 14-5-2011, I told LC &our group that M has a major hurdle coming, but […]