GM visits Jakarta – Dayin Chapter (19-2-2011)

GM did opening blessing for the altar here & also blessed all present. No empowerment transfer at this chapter. However, plenty of Prajna Light Orbs were captured by fellow Dharma students from my group. I was attending to a fellow student who has severe pain in right knee & Light orbs were captured showing support. […]

Jakarta – Snack Party (19-2-2011)

We held a party in my suite as this is the only evening we have no info of GM going to any TBS Chapters. To our surprise, we captured Prajna Light Orbs as well inside my suite. There are 47 of us from Singapore staying in Hotel Banyuwangi Sintera owned by family of fellow TBS […]

GM visits Jakarta (19-2-2011)

Prajna Light Orbs Where ever GM graces, the whole universe arrives to participate as well. Aren’t we all bless with the universe being a TBS student? Amituofo Lotuschef True buddha School Pure Karma Vihara

GM visits Jakarta (19-2-2011)

GM arrived at about 1.30pm at Taman Anggrek Mall for the book signing event. Prajna light orbs were captured by fellow TBS students. Amituofo Lotuschef True Buddha School Pure Karma Vihara

GM visits Jakarta (18-02-2011)

    Our group of 47 arrived. We went to airport to welcome in GM at about 2.30pm. Security was real tight in that there were hired guards surrounding GM the moment he steps out of security area. My point is they completely blocked GM from our view. Haha! Sad but true! GM went to […]

Nirvana event 5-3-2011

Dear all Special dedication & sponsorship of Offering 供品 welcome. Special dedication 指定功德回向 from S$128 includes  paper incense Lotuses, pagoda for one named family or individual only. Please furnish details Eg address of one receiving dedication n full name. Offerings sponsorship – any amount welcome For both above, please provide name of dedicator n address […]

富贵山庄诵经法布施结缘 4th Sutra Chanting Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore 5th March 2011 (Sat)

There is a 4th sutra chanting activity at Nirvana Singapore (富贵山庄) on 5th Mar 2011 (Sat) at 10am. Appreciate if all of you can support this activity. As per last session, please drop Yew Sin a message @ 81812449 or 9179 5381 (Sister Annie) for registration. Transport & lunch will be provided, pick-up point will be same as last […]