Collective Karma 共业

Someone passed away from cancer this morning after months of struggling with the symptoms & pain of the disease & treatment. Before I took refuge with TBS, I remember my Dharma friends with Bachelor/Master degrees in Buddhist Philosophy, were debating Collective karma.  I will like to share what I know of this topic with you […]

Speedy way to be Powerful 快速成就大法力 [3]

These are comments from fellow Dharma Student which I like to share. Anything that can be attainable by whatever means, including visualisation is governed by the law of impermanence. Hence it will go through the cycle of formation,staying, destruction and voidness. BODDHICITTA on the other hand is inherited in our Buddha Nature, which can neither be […]

Greed! 贪!

W: Fashi, just now you teach the 2 person to kneel & beg GM to help them. Can you teach me the same statements? Fashi: They have not taken refuge, but you have. You have also promised GM you will do certain ‘homework’ when you ask for help previously. You have not fulfill your promise. […]

Speedy way to be Powerful 快速成就大法力 [2]

BG visualizes there are no end no limit of himself being blessed by no end no limit of Divinities.  If he can truly visualize that, all he needs to do is go the Boddhicitta way & transform all sentient beings into him to share all the blessings.  I share something similar on 7 November 2009 […]

Samodhi? 三摩地?

One evening before cultivation at a temple. BG: Shijie, can you sit behind me. When we Ru-ding (go into Samodhi) you see whether I am doing it right or not.   **BG has taken refuge for more than 10years. Shijie has taken refuge for about 9months.  Another evening before cultivation. BG: Shijie, I cultivate every […]

Amituofo 阿弥陀佛

Amituofo = Amitabha Buddha This is a good greeting. WHY? Amitabha Buddha is Infinite Light, Infinite Lifespan, ‘Boss’ of Western Paradise Pureland & etc… This greeting is sharing Light; Good Health; Long Life; Universal Wisdom; & etc. with all you greet. How wonderful & amazing for a short and easy to pronounce term. Use it […]

Fire Puja 火供 (29-01-2011)

Today’s fire puja was a special request for someone urgently requiring help. We expected only 10 person, but turnout totaled 14. Once again, a Big Hug for GM because did not rain heavy all through the session because we are doing this outdoor.  We had a very good session and I am sure all of […]