True Buddha Repentance – Samodhi/至上顶礼观-三摩地

True Buddha Repentance:-
After the dedication, sit quietly & visualize….
Sit cross-legged, tongue touch roof of mouth, adjust breath to fine,
form main hand mudra of  all Buddha.
First visualize there is a dot of white light within heart chakra, this gradually transform into bright moon light.
then visualize many dots of white star light densely spread over the universe, these light dots are in fact all Buddhas & Boddhisattvas.
A Yogi secretly apply the [雜] (za) – refer to seed syllabus in the attached text. Gathering all the “seed” characteristic of all Buddhas & Boddhisattvas, transform these into one beam of great white light descending & entering the Yogi through the top accupoint to the heart chakra, merging with the moonlight within.
Yogi now feels like heart chakra blooms into flower, feel joyful.
At this time, the Yogi feels his body rise up to the sky sitting amidst  a sea of clouds.
All Buddhas & Boddhisattvas using their individual abilities & power, shower the yogi with all these, just like countless fairies showering flowers, floating down upon the Yogi.
Resulting in a phenomenon of showering flowers amidst a sea of clouds.

This is such a wonderful way to go into Samodhi & its a real loss to those that gave this a miss after kneeling & bowing & repenting to all the Buddhas & Boddhisattvas, do you agree?


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