Heart Demon

Who is your Rival? Your very own Heart Demon!
Do you agree?

You created a need or craving for material matter therefore you have attachment to these materials matter.
These are mainly make up of Ego, Pride, Jealousy, Greed, Ignorance, Anger, Hatred, Desires……

If your answer gradually has more [NO]s than [YES]s, then you are doing fine. If vice versa, than may some holy ones bless you.

A cultivating to be yogi, I believe should be eager to learn & listen closely to one’s Guru teachings.
If don’t know, humbly ask. Don’t pretend you know all & ended up still ignorant.
Grand Master Lu said recently during Dharma speech that he is not bothered about ‘face’ which is image.
He said he don’t need ‘face’. Haha!

So, we as disciples, should emulate our Guru’s example? or go make self unhappy & others unhappy because of ‘face’?
Lots of us, yes, myself included, sometimes get lost in the whirlpool of the our own ‘material needs’ to unbelievable portions.

When I gave a dharma talk about how I respect a certain vajra master very much because she is always selflessly giving to all & emulate GM & do not talk $$ all the time.
Another counterpart, quickly teach fellow TBS students to remember to take care of lamas well & how meritorious it is. Haha!

I recall a certain student monk in a local monastery leaving a standing order to the caretaker of a certain hall in that monastery. He said : Don’t have $12 red packet, don’t call me down to do chanting.
That was about 10 years ago. I wonder what is his minimum ‘appearance price’ now!
Haha! anyway, much to my HORROR, his chanting consisted of chanting Rebirth Mantra 3 times.
We chant a standard 7 times when we cultivate! Gosh! How rich we are!
I was wondering back then, as a student monk, his daily needs is provided by the temple & he gets to do duties at certain halls. It does not mean he can make a lucrative business from his duties.
His own demon has overtaken control of him!

Well, Fellow TBS Dharma brothers & sisters, how fortunate we are to have Grand Master who teaches us how to see material matter as they are & not get stuck craving non-stop for them.


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