Have you read this book? Its No. 89 of GM’s writings. It’s title briefly translated is [True Buddha Dream within Dream]. GM said our time in this Realm is just like a Dream. When we no longer have form, we are of the past. Our time here? We are acting out a Dream. Therefore when […]

Vajrasattva’s 100 syllable mantra marathon (December 2012)

Dear all I received favorable response for the above event & Lotus Adrian suggested that we do it more often like once a month. Say we chant 3 x 108 which all in will take about 3hours plus. Would like a show of support please. Please write to me if you are going to come […]

New Year Party cum fire homa

Dear all Will be organizing the above on 1 January 2011 at 5pm. Venue: 23 New Industrial Road. Off Paya Lebar Road. All are welcome. However, I need to count numbers to cater food & drinks. Please register with me. You can bring food to share too with all tongmen. Amituofo Lotuschef/莲厨 Mobile: 92253757

Talk to GM/ 与师尊讲话

我常常跟同门讲:你问问师尊。/你跟师尊讲就可以了。。。。。 哈哈!我疯了吗? 未出家前有一次在学拜真佛宝懺。有一段小赞就是唱不出。法师也想不起。 法师和同门就开始求妙音天女,等。 我坐的位置刚好对着师尊的金身。我心里开始跟师尊讲:师尊请教教我吧,不会的话没时间吃饭了。还有半个多小时就要开始拜忏了。我真的很饿。 嘻嘻!当然是会了。 求师尊最快! I often tell fellow disciple: you ask GM.? / you can tell GM…….. Haha! Am I Mad? Before I become a Lama, there was this occasion when we are learning to do True Buddha Repentance. There was this small dedication verse that we got stuck & the venerable […]


戒律好像师尊一直一而再的提醒同门, 而妄语是其中之一。 1.师姐到处宣扬说–讲师说师尊11月要到来为建庙做动土仪式, 你们快点买机票过来。 2.师兄:法师有神通,会起灵! 3.师姐:法师你骂阿弟,所以他不再来这里了! 4.??:法师抵制这佛堂了! 哈哈!还有好多无厘头的。唯恐天下不乱! Precepts, GM always patiently remind all of us & lies or untruths is one of them. 1.Female fellow disciple goes round spreading rumors that Dharma tutor said GM is coming in November to do ground breaking ceremony for temple building, you all quickly buy air tickets & fly […]

Chanting Dedication 诵经回向

A gentle reminder – we are going to Nirvana Memorial Garden on the 1-1-2011 for the above event at 9.30am. Duration about 2hours. All are welcome. Please contact Lotus Yewsin 81812449 for registration. Thank you. 稍微提醒一下–我们于一月一日2011年早上9点30分,将到富贵山庄进行以上活动。约两小时。欢迎各界人士参加。请联络莲花有星报名 – 81812449. 谢谢。 Amituofo Lotuschef

华光到芽龙巴鲁日/ Lotus Light Charity’s day at Geylang Bahru

华光功德会每月的最后一个星期天都到芽龙巴鲁分米粮和日用品给大约80户人家。 我觉得奇怪的是我每次到都下毛毛雨!今天也不例外。哈哈! Lotus Light Charity goes to distribute food & daily necessities to about 80 household in Geylang Bahru area. What I found funny was that everytime I go there, there is a slight drizzle of rain! Today’s the same. Haha! Trolleys lined up for the collection of rations. Volunteers preparing the rations for distribution. Please […]