Upcoming events (November 2010)

1. 25-12-2010 – Chanting Marathon of Vajrasattva’s 100 syllabus mantra from 9.30am till about 9.30pm. Venue : Singapore Lei Zhang Shi, Lorong 19 Geylang. Singapore You are free to walk in at any time during this event & join us. Although it is best to join us for the whole session. We will break for […]

Reminder for Live animal release on 4-12-2010

Dear all The event is confirmed & we are going in 3 boats. The donation collected total almost $3000 to date. Please be at the meeting place – Changi Point Ferry Terminal. Amituofo Pure Karma Lama Lotuschef True Buddha School

GM’s Secret Army

Today, Grand Master Lu said he will enter our dreams & teach us. This is assurance enough to all that when you are ready, Grand Master Lu will come teach you where ever you are. Who knows you might be the one that Grand Master Lu has been teaching & when he needs you, he […]

It’s karma again (King’s Throne)

The King of XX has many offspring. They all vie for the Throne. Everyday the King has to ward off many assassination attempts from some of these offspring. The wise & compassionate King finally appoints the most aggressive one amongst them Crown Prince, which is heir to the throne. Little did the Heir Apparent knows that from that […]

Eventful Day – 27 November 2010

1. Good news. We have settled the printing of bilingual cultivation booklet for Vajrasattva & True Buddha Repentance & the price is well within our budget. Should be ready to share with all sometime before Chinese New Year. Our heartfelt thanks to Grand Master, Our beloved Root Guru, for guiding us all the way. 2. […]

The Lion’s Secret Army

Guru’s Dharma Speech. 4 September 2010 – Seattle. Guru said what the Lion does, rabbits should not mimic. When the Lion leaps among cliff peaks, Rabbits should not follow else it will be Fatal for them. Guru also said he will go to Indonesia for a Kalachakra Ceremony & he will also teach Qunta (Bright […]

Universal Power

Haha! It is 4.08am & I am full of energy & wide awake! Why? Universal Power! I led True Buddha Repentance session last night from 8pm. Every time I do True Buddha Repentance or some other repentance prayers, I am so charged that I can’t sleep till well after 9am the next morning. Another one is […]