Grand Master Lu visits Australia 2

Terjemahan Indonesia : Mahaguru Lu Mengunjungi Australia 2   Grand Master Lu, our True Buddha. One morning at a temple. Shijie said: Ma. Why are the people praying to the altar? The Fo Pusa not there, no light. Ma said: Guru has not done the opening blessing ceremony yet. One afternoon in Taiwan, Guru visited […]

Grand Master Lu visits Australia 1

Guru did enpowerment for the following at Shan Ming Temple 19 Oct & also repeated the same at Yen Ming Temple 20 Oct. There are others but this one is new to me & I wish to share with all that had the enpowerment but don’t know what this is. It is one of Manjuri […]

Sutra Chanting Dedication Event at Nirvana Memorial Gardens Singapore 新加坡 富贵山庄 诵经回向活动

Our team about 35 strong, led by Venerable Lotuschef. This is 2nd event organised by brother lotus YewSin for Nirvana. The offerings of rice & food items were generously donated to Lotus Light Charity SG. These were distributed by Lotus Light Charity SG to needies the next day at Yorkhill & Henderson housing estates. In […]

Live Animal Release 活鱼放生 101009

Most heartfelt thanks to Root guru & all buddha n boddhisattva. We had a very fruitful day. We are cared for by a windy breeze from start of ceremony all thru. Noticed that we didnt get burn by the hot sun when we went to release the fishes also. From planning to execution, took about […]

Name for Chanting Dedication Team : 淨業 JingYe

Hi All, GM has named chanting dedication team Jing Ye means purify karmic negatives. Shall use this in HK Singapore n Malaysia too. 各位同门 師尊赐名予我们诵经团队「淨業」。淨化業障。會用於新、馬、港。 Amitoufo Lotuschef 13 Oct 2010